About Us



Rich had a vision for the Northern Baltimore County area, that he calls home: a place where locals could gather, have a great time, and enjoy a wide range of excellent craft beer without having to drive to the city. An entrepreneur and home-brewer, Rich is making that vision a reality. BCB will be powered by three brewing systems that scream beer diversification: a 25-gallon pilot, 2-barrel and 7-barrel commercial.  BCB will be a taproom-focused brewery with no distribution, so we will make beer for the patrons and not the distributors. “I’m a total hop-head, but there are so many great beers out there. Our goal is to make them all and create new ones.”



What is left to do after winning just about every home-brew competition possible? Become a professional brewer, and that is what Jim did. Jim has made beer his professional life at DuClaw Brewing for the past 18 years, and now Jim is bringing all that experience to BCB. After many years of brewing for distribution purposes, Jim has been given a blank slate with respect to brewing menu. With 14 fermentation tanks at his disposal, Jim is looking forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of beer. “Creativity in beer is not just popular at the moment, but it also means making beers that everyone can enjoy, and that is what BCB is all about.”



David Magdeburger

Executive Chef

Dave, a Baltimore local who graduated from Friends School, always dreamed of becoming a chef. After graduation from college where he earned his business degree, Dave studied at The Culinary Institute of America where he honed his culinary skills. Dave then apprenticed for a high end caterer in the DC Metropolitan area where he was privileged to serve Supreme Court justices, embassy diplomats and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Inspired by the farm to table concept, Dave is excited to return home to Baltimore and intends to serve locally produced food in the spirit of commensality where eating and drinking together helps create and cement relationships in order strengthen a broadened sense of community.